Sunday, 20 July 2014

Logan's Favourite Books - Updated

I thought I would update on the kids' favourite books. Although there are a few that are still the same, some have changed.

The Day Louis Got Eaten by John Fardell. We got this book for free on World Book Day from the Book Bug Scottish Book Trust. It's about a little boy who gets eaten by a monster, then the monster gets eaten by a bigger monster and so on and so on. His sister is on a mission to rescue him from the monster's belly!

Again! by  Emily Garrett. I found this book on Amazon. I was browsing for children's books and I though the cover looked cute. When I read what it was about I knew Logan would love it! It's about a little dragon who wants his mummy to read him his bedtime story over and over again. But his mummy is getting tired and the little dragon gets a bit angry. There's a surprise at the end of the book. My kids love it!

Pirates Love Underpants/Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. I couldn't find our copy of Dinosaurs Love Underpants to put in the picture. Both Logan and Keira love these books. Especially the dinosaur one which Logan knows by heart (I do too!). The mystery of dinosaur extinction is finally solved in this funny book! 

Barry The Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra. We've had this book for a while but it's only recently that Logan has been wanting us to read it to him. It's quickly become a favourite of his and we're hoping to buy the rest of the books in the series soon!

I may start doing mini reviews on the kid's books. I'm forever looking for new books.

Unfortunately Keira is getting to an age where she doesn't want to be read a bed time story quite so much. She only asks a couple of time in a week now. 

I will do a separate post with Macey's books!

Hope this gives who ever reads this an idea for some new books!

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