Monday, 10 March 2014

Another Haul!

Paul and I went out shopping on Saturday to the Gyle Shopping Center. Keira and Logan were supposed to be going with us for a treat at the Disney Store and Pizza Hut but they were both too ill to go. My mum and dad kindly offered to look after them so we could go on our own. I had a 20% off at Marks and Spencers voucher to be used that weekend and really wanted to take the opportunity.

Our first stop was Monsoon Kids. I finally picked up the little cat shoes I had wanted to get for Macey. I was hoping they'd be a part of the sale but they weren't! Nevermind! I also picked up a light wear pair of tights for her. They shoes were £10 and the tights were £6.

Next we went to Schuh. We went because I promised Paul I'd treat him to new shoes for his work. He's forever buying cheap shoes that end up falling apart after a couple of months. I was fed up hearing about it so I bought him a pair of Dr Marten shoes. These should last a lot longer! Anyways, when we were in I saw this pair of Converse and I knew that Keira would absolutely love them! I bought them in a 10 because that's what she's been wearing, however, she couldn't get them on her feet. So, Paul took them back today on his way to work. They didn't have size 11 in store so they are posting them out to the house! They cost £37. Logan also got a pair of Converse but I bought them online. I'm waiting on them arriving.

Then we went to the Disney Store. I went ahead and bought they kids their treats. I won't have the chance to go back out with them again now before Macey arrives. I probably won't be able to anyways... my butt was so, so sore after the hours of walking! Keira got the baby crocodile from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy, Phineas, Ferb, and some Palace Pets. She plays the Palace Pets game on her iPad and loves it. Logan got a Spiderman toy, a Buzz Lightyear gun, a cuddly Rex and Hulk Pjs. When we got to the till there was a Thumper plush toy on offer for £7.99 when you spent £10 or more, so I got it for Macey! I had planned on buying myself another animator doll and a mug but I completely forgot!

We then went into Boots. I only went in to get a tube of toothpaste for Keira and ended up buying Macey clothes! They have an offer on a lot items where you get 2 for£8. I got a little dress and an all in one. The all in one is size newborn but it looks huge! I also got her a little dress and bloomer set, which was £14. Then I noticed they had a sale rack. I found cute black patent shoes for £3 and a little bunny hat, also for £3.

Finally we went to Marks and Spencer. I got a few things for all 3 kids. Keira got a super soft woolly jumper, a cute pair of jeans with turn ups at the bottom and a t-shirt with a bright pink horse on the front. Logan got a sweatshirt with crocodiles on it and a pair of khaki canvas trousers. Then Paul spotted a t-shirt with the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's child on the front. He held it up to show me and I said, 'oh yeah, get that' (Logan loves the Gruffalo). So he picked it up and we went onto the baby section. Only noticed when we got home he picked up aged 4-5 which is far too big. He didn't even look at the sizes. Just picked up whatever. Typical Paul. So, now that also has to go back to be exchanged for a smaller size. In the baby section Macey got one of the dresses that I've been after for a while! It's pale pick chord and is covered in swallows. It comes with lilac tights. I also bought her a little coat to get her by in the first couple of weeks.
In total it all came to £89... I didn't get my discount because M&S have crappy WiFi and we couldn't get connected to get the voucher code. So, annoying. From now on I'll be writing codes down before we go anywhere! Then in the food bit I treated myself to a box of macaroons. I've been wanting to try them for so long and never did because they were expensive. But I thought why not. If Paul can get £95 shoes and the kids can get all those toys, surely I'm entitled to a £6 box of desserts! Lol!

We headed home after this. I was so tired but I needed to go into Asda for a couple of things and for something for dinner. Ended up spending money on kids clothes that they obviously need =\
Keira got a new jacket and a pair of jogging bottoms. Logan got a jumper, a shirt and a pair of trousers, and Macey got a blanket, bibs and a little dress and leggings set.

I'm hoping to go into Primark tomorrow as I need to finish off my hospital bag. I'm also waiting on 12 deliveries... not including Keira's Converse. =\. So, there will more than likely be another big haul towards the end of the week. I kind of went a bit mad the past few days and have now left myself almost totally skint! Oops!

In other news, my sister in law just found out that she's expecting her second set of twins!! Completely crazy! She has identical girls, so she's hoping for at least one boy this time! Haha!

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  1. Oh wow! a second lot of twins fingers crossed for a boy or two :) Great haul love all the bits you got, I've never had a macaroon I must try one x