Sunday, 19 January 2014

Baby and Kids Haul..

These hauls are getting a bit ridiculous! I think if things continue like this I may do one haul post a week with everything purchased during that time. I will always try and post where I got things and the prices. I know next week there won't be so much because I have a large bedroom item to buy for the kids room.

We went into HMV. Mostly to get out of the rain! We ended up buying Supernatural series 2 on DVD and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Supernatural was £9.99 and POTC was only £2.99.

Our first clothes stop today was Debenhams. I saw a gorgeous 3 piece set online in their sale and I hoped to be able to pick it up today but it wasn't there. I did see a couple of other things that I liked. A lovely navy and white polka dot dress and navy and white shoes to match. I hope to go back for them soon! I did get a lovely dress for Macey in the sale. It's made from a floaty material and is covered in birds. It'll be gorgeous with a little cardigan and tights. It's by Ted Baker and was on sale for £12. I also picked up a Pluto lip balm for Keira and a Little Mermaid lip balm for myself! I forgot to take a picture of mines. They were on sale for £1.50 each.
Our next stop was The Gap. I saw a beautiful dress online that I wanted to get for Macey. Luckily they had it in store and it was on sale! It costs £19.99 online and was £12.99 in the sale! It's a pale green colour and is covered in navy sheep.

Next we went to H&M. I was so disappointed! I wanted to get a couple of dresses for Macey and a dress for Keira that I saw online but they barely had anything in store. We managed to get Logan's Kiss t-shirt (big Kiss fans in this house!) and I picked up a packet of Bambi underwear for Keira. The t-shirt was £7.99 and the pants were £4.99 for a pack of 3.

We also went into Poundland. I got Keira two new things for her hair and a packet of Lalaloopsy toothbrushes. Logan got some more packets of Peppa Pig vitamins but I forgot to include them in the picture. I'm going to go back and stock up on them!

After the scan when we got some money back we had a look around the designer area at the back on Princes Street. We went into Harvey Nicols but I was disappointed in there too. I thought they maybe would have had some nice sleepsuits or vests. But they didn't really have much suitable for newborns.
So, we went into Jojo Maman Bebe. In there I got a really cute sleepsuit, a super soft fluffy rabbit, and a name plaque for the wall above Macey's bed! The sleepsuit is supposed to be like London. It has buses and the London eye on it. I thought it was really cute! It cost £14. The rabbit is by Jelly Cat and cost £10. Finally the plaque cost £15 in total. The rainbow was £10 and then it was £1 per letter. I'm going back in a week or two to buy a plaque for Keira and Logan. The boys one was like a road with traffic lights and street signs. The letters had all different modes of transportation on them.

Then when we got home we had parcels waiting for us with a neighbor! One of the parcels was the shelves for the kids rooms. The other two were clothes.
I got two t-shirts and three pairs of trousers from H&M for Logan. The trousers were down to £2.99 a pair. The t-shirts proper price was £2.99 each.

The other parcel was from Asda and was some new school clothes for Keira. She still needs more school clothes but this is just what I got for the moment.
Two blouses (£4 each), two twin packs of polo shirts (£3 each), a green cardigan (£6), a blue cardigan (£5), a packet of green tights (£5 for a pack of 3), and a black knitted tank top (terrible picture but it was £2.50)


  1. Our local poundland now has the peppa pig vitamins the bags are so much more fun to look at compared to the boxes in asda! So going to stock up in the week :)

    I love the disney lip smacker, Macey's new dresses are gorgeous x

    1. That's what I thought too! We got the George Pig space packet. I really should have gotten more than one when I was in.. don't know what I was thinking! It's a great time to stock up when they're just £1! x x x