Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Baby Checklist

It suddenly hit me today just how little time I have before my baby will be born. I've barely bought any of the necessities. I made a point of buying the cot mattress yesterday. Macey is having Logan's cot but obviously I'm going to throw out the old mattress. It was down to £35 in the sale at the Asda Baby Event and is being delivered tomorrow. 

This is what I still have to buy. =\

Bed Time:
Clair De Lune bedding bale
Matching mobile
Moses basket
Cot sheets
Moses basket sheets
Blankets (maybe another 2 or 3)

MAM Self Sterilising bottles (9 bottles, 3 to be left at my mum's house)
MAM milk dispenser
Bottle brush

Bath Time:
Hooded Towels 
Changing mat
Baby Wash
Baby Shampoo

Bouncy chair
Travel System
Pink coat hangers
Little storage boxes for socks, tights and shoes
Wipes (We have two boxes of Johnsons wipes, which is 12 packs. I want another couple of boxes though!)

I think that's all the things that I really need apart from clothes. I'm taking advantage of the fact that this baby is a girl and will more than likely be my last. I'm buying as many pretty, frilly, pink dresses as I can!

I also need to start working on my hospital bag too. So far all I've bought is a toothbrush! 



  1. Your so organized, Andy's sister is having her first baby and is due in April and doesn't have alot in being her first she's really chilled out about it all, I miss all this but at the same time my mind is screaming NO but my heart is screaming out for another x

    1. I don't feel organised in the slightest! My list is organised though! Hahaha! Gosh, when I was pregnant with Keira I had everything in and done before I was 30 weeks.
      I was the same. I knew I wanted another baby but even when we were TTC I was in two minds. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly either. Another child is always a huge decision to make! You'll know when the time is right! x x x